Juggling Props

Juggling balls, rings and clubs come in a variety of colors, weights, sizes and quality. When you join us on Thursday nights, we’ll let you practice with ours. You will have an opportunity to try them first hand to see what you like best.

Balls, Clubs, Hats and More

There are many good prop companies. Search the Internet for juggling props or try some of the following.

  • Pass the Props sell the popular “px3” clubs, used by many members of Jest Jugglers.
  • Sports Juggling Company makes quality six-paneled handmade balls.
  • Renegade Juggling sells clubs, balls, rings and other props. Several of us use clubs that are 95mm wide and 20 1/4″ long. The hard clubs are a bit more durable, but the soft clubs easier on the hands. Taped or untaped handles are fine.
  • Dube’ Juggling Equipment sells quality balls, clubs and a variety of other props. Their Airflight clubs are particularly durable.
  • Higgins Brothers sells a variety of juggling equipment.
  • Cholita Circus Hats are high-quality juggling and manipulation hats. They are 100% wool, 3 layers, perfectly rounded, and come in a wide variety of colors.
  • Unicycle.com specializes in unicycles.

Make Your Own Juggling Balls and Clubs


You can make a set of juggling balls out of tennis balls with a few easy steps.

  1. Get three tennis balls. Used ones work as well as new ones.
  2. An adult should cut a slit approximately 2″ long in each ball.
  3. Use a funnel to put 1/4″ cup of dry rice or bird seed into each ball (approximately one-third full).
  4. Put glue on the slit and let it dry. Monster Glue works well.


Clubs take more time to make. A great step by step tutorial is available at juggler.org.